Lifeguards: School & P/Hol, Sat/Sun, Boat Launch, Ablution, GPS: -31.009, 30.261
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Shark protected and a very quiet natural area with a beautiful swimming beach and excellent surfing spot. Long stretch of beach, massive rocky outcrops, and wild coastal vegetation makes it an ideal place for spending the day under the sun. It hosts an abundance of small wildlife and bird life. Because of its glorious setting, it has become a favourite venue for events as diverse as Beauty Contests & Fishing Competitions. The ‘mouth’ of the Itongasi River has made it ideal for boat launching.

Glenmore is flanked by two rivers, the Mkhandandlovu (‘Head of the Elephant’) to the north (which spills into Dolphin Bay) and the Itongasi (literally translated as the ‘I don’t know’ River!) to the south which ‘unofficially’ divides the area into two camps – Glenmore to the south & Munster (as it’s come to be known) to the north. However, the actual swimming & surfing bay in Munster is known as ‘Glenmore Beach’.