Hiking & Biking Trails, a great way to explore the South Coast. The glorious scenery of these areas can be best appreciated at a slower pace. For mountain bikers there are some excellent trails through indigenous forests as well as on the mountain slopes, ranging from dirt roads to tough single tracks and steep downhills.

Mountain bikers can follow the scenic single track (horse trail), meandering along the top of the gorge. For a super-strenuous work-out, why not attempt riding up the Gorge! Bring your own bike. Situated at the Oribi Gorge Hotel.
Tel: 039 687 0253

Explore the game reserve on a mountain bike. Various trails to choose from. Bring your own bike.
Lake Eland Game Reserve – Oribi Gorge.
Tel: 039 687 0395
Cell:083 257 9468

The trails not only offer a means to exercise, they are linked to many points of interest and entertainment along the way.Our trail users encounter the Gorge View Deck , pass over Clearwater’s Dam wall, go through Abbott’s Wood (a man made indigenous forest), pass the remains of an old crofter’s lodging (aptly dubbed the Spook House), the Mars-like Red Desert, Beaver Creek Coffee Estate & Cafe (where you can feed you need for caffeine!) and Crags View Wild Care Centre where a magic view of the gorge awaits you.
Tel: 039 311 1130
Cell: 083 549 6710