Lifeguards: 7/365, Ablution, Kiosk, Lagoon, Tidal Pool, GPS: -30.833, 30.399
Swimming | ablution| Life guarded | shark netted | fishing | surfing | snorkelling | tidal pool | lagoon | beach sport | picnic area | kiosk/restaurant | parking

Uvongo is one of the prettiest spots on the Lower South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, sheltered position and the natural waterfall. Life guards are on duty and the beach is shark netted. Lovely swimming beach, fishing pier and fishing spots, a nature reserve, beautiful scenery, snorkeling, body boarding, surfing & jogging.

Uvongo is named after the Ivungu River which made it famous for its 23m waterfall that plunges into one of the deepest lagoons in the country.