From their travels around the world over the past few years, Connie & Daniel got inspired by many of the things they’ve savoured – Spanish dinner parties, late-night brasseries in France and Italy and just simple good cooking at afternoon eateries in Southern Africa and Asia. The menu is based on these experiences, using earthly techniques like wood grilling, hot or cold smoking, and when it feels right, offering fusion styled dishes from all over the world. The Packshed works directly with local farms to source meats and seafood to ensure they are treated well, whether dry-aged or grass-fed, organic or raised through sustainable methods. Because of this, they tend to cook things simple, with only a few ingredients, and lots of love. Please find the Menu on our website

On behalf of the Packshed-Team, we hope you come get to know us, and share some of our passions for taste, experience, and simple pleasures. To the families we know and yet to know, couples that want to share a special dinner, or those just looking for a weekday meal. We welcome you. Connie & Daniel Kern

The Packshed – at Sweetdale
Old Izotsha Road, R200, Farm 23
Margate, 4275
KZN / South Coast
phone: +27 78 812 7272