Welcome to a world of exciting experiential outdoor learning!

Sweetdale is a school and Youth Camp at the South Coast in Margate, nestled in the heart of a beautiful indigenous lush bush area. Our facilities are designed to maximise the opportunities of being in an outdoor learning setting. Teachers with their students are challenged with new and demanding activities which are facilitated to help to develop and improve their personal skills.

Breathtaking Activities
The physical challenges of life in the outdoors help to develop self-reliance and personal responsibility. Your group can choose of a great number of exciting experiential learning programs that are specifically shaped to your needs.

Top Class Venue
Our high standard facility is ready to accommodate 180 people. Your group will stay in specially designed domes that guarantee a very exciting, unique experience.

Leaders/Teachers can relax
Our teacher and leader accommodation are on a very high standard concerning cleanliness and amenities. Lounge and tea garden are to the specific use for leaders and teachers with refreshments and a coffee/tea station.

Delicious Food
Our hospitality team is regularly trained by awarded chefs and is well known for their highly hygienic conditions and their delicious food. Three delicious meals are served daily.

All Inclusive
Our packages include full catering, accommodation and guided activities from our certified instructors, as well as night activities and a patrolling night guard.

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Old Izotsha Road, Farm 23, Margate, 4275, South Africa
Fax: 086 571 5753
Cell: 083 384 9230