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Directions & Key information for Upper Deck at the Boathouse

Address: Lot 1316 Penshurst Road Ramsgate
GPS: 30° 53’82,60″S – y 30° 20’62,40″E – x

Directions:Take the N2 South Coast freeway from just outside Durban and travel past Port Shepstone and Margate. Take exit 29 toward Ramsgate/R620/Margate. At the end of the off-ramp turn left onto Alford Avenue towards the sea. Continue ±850m to the traffic lights. Turn right onto Marine Dr/R620.
Depending on whether you need to collect keys from the BP garage or our office, please note further directions below:

-If arriving before 4.30pm on a week day, come directly to the Boathouse office on Marine drive to collect keys.
-If arriving after 4.30pm weekdays, after 12.30 Saturdays / Public Holidays, or anytime Sunday please collect your keys in a Bills’Best envelope marked with your name, at the Ramsgate BP garage shop.
If collecting keys at the Boathouse office: then proceed about 2km to the BoatHouse B&B. The B&B office is on Marine drive on the right. (Look for the Bills’Best signs).
If collecting keys from the BP Garage: travel along this road for approx 1km to the BP Garage on your left.***
Upper Deck, Lower Deck, Cabin, Midships: ***Then proceed a further 1 km to the Boathouse, go just past the Boathouse and turn sharp right into Penshurst Rd. Use the remote attached to your keys to open the first gate on the right in Penshurst Rd to the Boathouse.