Lifeguards: 7/365, Ablution, Tidal Pool, Blue Flag, GPS: -30.961, 30.299
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This fascinating Indian Ocean landmark with its wide grassy verges, subtropical vegetation, undulating terrain and expansive pristine beach has warlike namesake origins, it is in reality, a quiet piece of paradise. Trafalgar Beach is a wide, sandy and next to the Mpenjati Nature Reserve. Unique fossil beds going back 1000’s of years can be found in the Mpenjati Nature Reserve.
Lifeguards are on duty and shops nearby. In calm, clear conditions the rocky reef formation, containing remains of shellfish, fish species, plant material and petrified wood is a wonderful snorkeling spot and as the fossil beds lie a short distance from the shoreline, at low spring tide it is even possible to wade out and examine these ancient remains.

This little sea-side resort was named in the late 19th century by missionary relatives of the great sea lord, Viscount Horatio Nelson, after the decisive naval battle in 1805 where the French and Spanish fleets were defeated by the English under their famous forebear. Not surprisingly, names of many illustrious and famous English seamen were selected as street names.