Lifeguards: 7/365, Ablution, Kiosk, Tidal Pool, GPS: -30.743, 30.459
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Port Shepstone is the largest town in the Ugu Region. Port Shepstone Beach is long and wide with excellent rock, surf and river mouth angling spots.

The Port Shepstone Museum details the town’s maritime history. A fondly-recalled tale is the town’s ‘population explosion’ in August 1882, when 246 Norwegians arrived aboard the Lapland. Anchoring at night off what appeared to be a ‘dark and uninviting shore’, these selected immigrants were soon cheered by the sight of lantern-waving locals. The irrepressible William Bazely ignited five charges of dynamite in celebration, and the ship replied with some rockets and an impromptu music concert. An enormous bonfire was soon blazing on the beach…swelling the crowd and fuelling high spirits on both sides of the surfline. With sunrise came an end to the Norwegians’ jollification. A high sea prevented their ship from entering the river mouth and, in small groups, they were hauled ashore by hand on a warp-connected lighter. Now wet, sea-sick and thoroughly disenchanted, these bedraggled individuals were greeted by a sight for which they were even less prepared – a welcoming party of 500 Zulu warriors ‘in full feathers and war-paint’. The Norwegians were reportedly more alarmed than amused.