Umkomaas Accommodation & Adventure. South Coast Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering, Hotels & Caravan Parks in Kwazulu Natal on the South Coast, South Africa.

Umkomaas is named after the Mkomazi River, which means Place of the Whales in Zulu. Umkomaas was established in 1861 when an attempt was made to develop a harbour in the river mouth. Due to the sand bar and hazardous currents the attempt was aborted. Today, thanks to a shipping hazard and evidence of the havoc it s wreaked, the town’s colonial-style architecture is ‘base camp’ for scuba divers from around the world. The town was established in 1902. Five kilometres offshore from Umkomaas lies the internationally-renowned Aliwal Shoal – a fossilised sand dune of sponges, soft and hard coral – first spotted in 1849 but not adequately highlighted until after it sank the steamer Nebo in 1884. Umkomaas is not unexpectedly a bountiful line-fishing locale, too, and away from the briny its challenging, heavily wooded and bunkered 5479m golf course was designed specifically to test those who boast a low handicap.