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Margate Accommodation & Businesses

Establishment Grading Type Website
Anchorage   S/C

More Info

Anguna S/C

More Info

Beachcomber Bay B&B More Info
Beds @ Sea   S/C More Info
Boulevard Rental Agents   S/C More Info
Boulevard 504 Penthouse   S/C More Info
Crows Nest   S/C More Info
Dolphin View   S/C More Info
Dumela Holiday Resort S/C More Info
Dumela 34   S/C More Info
Duo Estates   S/C More Info
Happy Holidays   S/C More Info
Indigo Bay 2,3,9,15,25   S/C

More Info

Indigo Bay 14   S/C

More Info

Jenkins 13   S/C

More Info

Juanita 401   S/C

More Info

La Luce 33   S/C More Info
Libra   S/C

More Info

Margate Hotel Hotel More Info
Martheo 2   S/C More Info
Martheo 4   S/C More Info
Montrose   S/C More Info
Nellelani 6   S/C More Info
Rondevoux Rental Agents   S/C More Info
Santorini 101b S/C More Info
Santorini 306a S/C More Info
Seabrook    S/C

More Info

Seagull Holiday Flats   S/C More Info
Sea-Spray Cottages   S/C

More Info

Sumelda S/C More Info
Sweetdale   School Camp More Info
Treetops Lodge B&B + S/C More Info

Albatros Guesthouse Amirantes II Aqua Tides 1 Balooga 24 Balooga 30 Balooga Penthouse 9 Bellevue 10 Carmel Chesapeake Bay 1 Chesapeake Bay 38 Chesapeake Bay 64 Del Su Me 19 Del Su Me 2 Dieu del-amor Dolphin View 501 Don Juan 11 Forest Walk 10 Free Spirit Holiday Home Giovanna B&B Granada 103 Granada 105 Ingwe Manor Guesthouse & Spa Irka Cottages Ithaca 20 Ithulo Inyanga Juanita 204 Khaialama 3 Kridzil Holiday Flats Kuta Beach 19 Kuta Beach 4 Lazy living Lulu's Selfcatering Margate Boulevard 116 Margate Boulevard 202 Margate Boulevard 203 Margate Boulevard 3 Margate Holiday Home Margate Sun No 7 Marlicht Holiday Flats Mont Blanc 30 Monterey 11 My Place at Homestead Nellelani 4 Pumlani Caravan Park Santana 804 Santana Holiday Resort Santorini 201B Sea Venture 5 Seagull Holiday Flats 501 Sha Bay Villas 11 Silhouette 17 Spindrift 2 Strelitzia 6 Surf Edge 11 Villa Del Sol Villa Ventura